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Safe & Sound Infant Sleep Course

A gentle & developmentally-sound approach to your baby's sleep in the first 2 years.

Course Summary

 This course is designed to equip parents with all the foundational information they need to navigate the various stages in the first 2 years of their baby's sleep. Learn all about the various stages, and helpful strategies to navigate them, BEFORE you get there! We take a responsive, attachment-based approach, all without "crying it out" and the use of non-responsive techniques. The course is easy to fit into your schedule as it is broken down into short video lessons of just a few minutes each. Become a parent who is informed, confident and trusts their instincts. Help your child develop a positive association with sleep for a lifetime!

Course Curriculum


Very informative! The information in some of the modules goes far beyond just sleep education. I feel like a more understanding, informed and empowered parent!


This is an excellent resource that is non-judgemental and a great alternative to the mainstream way of “cry it out”. It really helps you navigate sleep and what will work best for your family. Lots of great tips - understanding sleep is important and it changes in so many ways as babies grow. A simple fact I did not realize!


I thought Julia did an amazing job of delivering the material in an easy to follow format. Any questions that may have come up while listening to the modules were answered before the module was over.


Great information! Finally someone who doesn’t recommend crying it out!! I ❤️ this! Thanks Julia!

Julia Lagman

I'm Julia, a Certified Infant Sleep Educator, an elementary/middle school teacher, a wife and 'Mom' to a young daughter. I'm passionate about helping families understand infant sleep from a developmentally-sound perspective and equipping them with gentle strategies for the challenges they may face. Come join me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is ideal for expectant parents or those whose baby is under the age of 6 months, however parents with babies up to 1 year old will still get LOTS of benefit from the course, especially if they plan on having more children!

The course contains 6 modules that are accessible, 1 per week, over a period of 6 weeks. The modules contain several short video lessons as well as some downloads & links to enrich your learning. 

This course is designed for busy parents like you! The modules are broken into short lessons that you can listen to while folding laundry or brewing coffee! The 6 week timeline is simply for those who wish to complete the course as quickly as possible. If you wish to do it at your own pace, you can complete the modules more slowly! You can go through each of the lessons at your convenience. You have access to the course content for life!

What you will learn...

💜  How to develop a healthy attachment bond with your baby.

💜  How you can expect your baby to sleep at different ages & stages.

💜  Strategies to navigate challenging times.

💜  Why sleep training can be tempting and the benefits of a gentle, responsive approach instead.

💜  What factors you can change to improve your baby's sleep.

💜  How to keep your baby safe while sleeping.

💜  How to optimize your health and rest during these demanding times.

💜  You will "become a more understanding, informed and empowered parent!"

        ... and MORE!

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